Google To Display Twitter Tweets In Google Search Results

Google – Twitter

Google and Twitter recently signed up for a new deal on displaying Twitter tweets on Google Search results. From now on Google will also display Twitter Tweets along with Google’s standard search results. For instance, if you search for ‘FIFA Twitter’ Google will display recent tweets from FIFA along with a link to its Twitter page.

Also, if a search term is very trending on Twitter at the time the search is made then it is not necessary to add ‘twitter’ next to it as it will still show recent updates from it. The search results and all the feature thingy we are discussing right now are for Personal Computers. Mobile Phones and Tablets already got this feature a while ago. The feature can be seen on mobile browsers for both iOS and Android devices.

Making this move is a good decision from both sides as people using desktop will no longer have to open a twitter page to view some recent tweets from a specific Twitter username. All they will have to do is add ‘Twitter’ to their search term and then make a search, and if the term is trending, then they would not even have to add ‘Twitter’ as well. Google will now show tweets along with standard search results on desktops and laptops. Also, as we mentioned the feature is already available for mobile devices.

Once again, Google has come up with a new idea and proved why it stands out of the crowd of search engines. This small feature will surely cheer up users and fanboys of both Google and Twitter.