Google To Cut Down Bloatware For New Android Devices

Bloatware For Android

Ever since Android phones arrived, the one thing that was disliked by almost every Android user was the pre-installation of useless Android apps on their phone that were non-removable. Seems like Google gave it a thought and now finally the firm has come up with a decision. Google decided that it will cut down the number of apps that manufacturers force you to have on your Android Devices.

One thing everyone should know is that Google is only responsible for the Google apps and bloatware that is pre-installed on your phone. When it comes to other unwanted and useless apps, it’s not Google’s fault. The manufacturer of the phone is to be blamed here. Google only makes you have Google apps like Google Newsstand, Google Keep, Google+, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies and the likes.

Previously, all these apps were required to come as pre-installed for the manufacturer to meet the official guidelines, but now manufacturers don’t need to add these apps to meet the official guidelines of Google for launching a new smartphone in the smartphone market.

However, manufacturers can still piss you off with their very own bloatware or sponsored apps that you rarely use or do not use at all. Still, your phone will be free of plenty of bloatware and you will slightly more installation space without the addition of the unwanted Google Apps.

Again, Google’s OEM guidelines state that smartphone manufacturers do not need to pre-load certain Google apps to launch and market their smartphone model.