George Clooney Provides Solution To The Gender Inequality in Hollywood

Married to an extremely talented and beautiful woman named Amal Clooney, we can understand what worries George Clooney about the ignorance of the film industry towards the female talent. However, it has been a male dominated industry since the silent era, but still, the times are changing and that’s what worries the charming actor the most. According to him, women are underutilised in the biggest film industry in the world and thats a reason to worry and he also said that gender equality is a more important issue in Hollywood right now than any other.

He was spotted speaking at one of the most prestigious film festival in the world, Toronto International Film Festival about women rights in Hollywood and his opinion on the matter was met with a wide acclaim around the media circles. During the talk, he came up with a very simple solution about how to give women the roles that they actually deserve in the film industry. All that and we wonder why he such a popular star among the ladies, that’s not all about the looks after all, we are pretty sure now eh!

As he talked on, he told about Sandra Bullock who chased a role intensely which was, at first, intended for a man but she liked the role despite that and showed immense to get a chance to play it. Clooney said-“The minute she called up and said that she wanted to play the role that had been written for a man, the film picked up production after languishing in development. There is a lot more out there if people just start thinking.”

Clooney isn’t the first one to talk about women empowerment in the industry, there are a lot of people who are opening up to the issue and as the time is passing, the whole issue is getting more attention. The leading Hollywood ladies Meryl Streep and Patricia Arquette have already spoken for the issue. Meryl Streep had raised question openly about how half of the film school graduates in the country are women and yet they don’t get hired. Why? She was quite angry while delivering the speech. Respect, indeed.

The females actors in Hollywood, although very well respected and paid, are still behind their male counterparts on so many levels and this creates a discrimination. However, it is a fact that most of the films that the film industry churns out are men centric but still, there are instances when a female has been under utilized when we get to compare. However, there are a few such as Meryl Streep, who is a cultural icon in the industry but in how many films have we seen her in past few years where she was the main protagonist. This tells us that there are so many things wrong with the industry and even more so, not just in front of the camera, they are under used behind the camera as well. They have proved time after time their usefulness but their position in the industry us still questionable and their paychecks, smaller.