‘Game of Thrones’ Casts Downtown Abbey’s Richard E. Grant

“Game of Thrones” has one more addition in the list of its already huge star cast as Richard E. Grant is now officially a part of the GOT universe. Although the details are still foggy about the character he is going to portray but we can very certainly assume that given his stature as an actor, he may be getting quite a meaty role. The ardent fans of the show and the actor are excited with the recent development and are eagerly waiting for the next season of the highly popular and acclaimed series as it is going to start its run for the sixth season from April 2016.

The show which stars a number of British actors in various roles (mostly due to the accent) is currently the most successful TV show which is being aired in any part of the world. The “Withnail and I” actor is one of the well-respected British actors and joins an already big brigade of British star cast for the period drama. The recent addition to the cast, other than Grant, is Jonathan Pryce and Ian McShane, who bagged some key roles in the series. The season 6 is currently being shot in different parts of Europe and the post production work will follow very soon.

The makers of the show seems to be quite fascinated with “Downtown Abbey” as Grant is the third star from the show who will feature in the popular HBO drama. He plays the role of an art historian in “Abbey”. His other more famous roles are a villain with super intelligence in “Doctor Who”, Jasper in “Girls” and he also plays the role of Ian Margrove on “Dig”. He is an acclaimed actor and his inclusion in GOT has given his fans quite a reason to rejoice.

However, the talent agency of grant, had added the show on his online resume, but quickly removed it because the show runners wanted it to be kind of secret. The resume showed the term “various”, giving a hint that the actor will probably be seen in many episodes.

The very popular TV show, which has completed 5 very successful seasons, will be aired in April 2006 and any news regarding the new developments related to the casting and shooting are widely viewed by the fans. The new season will feature a host of new actors for the fresh season.