Finding Your Irish Roots In A Hotel’s History Room

If you have roots in Ireland, finding all you need to trace your family history back more than two centuries in a single room is too much to hope for. But a special library room at the Egans Guest House Dublin dedicated to Irish genealogy does just that.

Owner Patrick Finn can help guests at his hotel trace their family history back as far as 1798.

“My sister and I have produced a book on our own family from both our father’s and mother’s sides,” he said.

“More importantly we can show you how you can do it yourself by leading you in the right direction from the beginning rather than coming to Ireland and getting frustrated by going to all the wrong places and sources.

“Most people think that all the information needed is on the internet  – unfortunately it is not that simple!”

Egans Guest House is just a few minutes’ walk from the vast Glasnevin Cemetery, where 1.5 million people have been buried.

Cemetery tours

For dedicated family historians, the cemetery runs an afternoon tour for just 5 euros.

The history room is also a trove of information for anyone of Irish descent looking to establish their family tree.

Mr Finn can direct amateur genealogists on their quest and a host of official resources holding valuable historic records are all within a few miles of the hotel.

If you want to combine a trip to Dublin with checking out your family’s past, the Egan Guest House is just the place for you.

Bright and comfortable rooms start from around £60 a night.

The history room is conveniently in the same building, while Glasnevin Cemetery and other resources are all nearby.

“All the major sources of information you will need for your fascinating voyage are close by, so you can find out if one of your ancestors hanged for murder or was he a bishop,” said Mr Finn.

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