Fall Schedule 2015 : What to Look Out For This Fall on the Television?

With the fall this year, comes a string of all new TV shows and some refreshed seasons of your favourite television shows. This can be deemed as the golden era for television broadcasting as there have never been so many shows on air equally loved by the audiences. Be it the epic period drama ‘Game of Thrones’ or the super sleek ‘House of Cards’ or maybe the zombie filled ‘The Walking Dead’. All these shows have made TV cool again, and as the ‘winter is coming’, be ready to get an awesome dose of your favourite TV shows.

Let’s begin with CBS, which has gradually made its way as one of the top television networks over the years giving leaders like Fox and HBO a good run for their money. Two comedies lined up to arrive from CBS are ‘Angel from Hell’ and ‘Life in Pieces’ along with the superhero saga of ‘Supergirl’ along with the Crime thriller ‘Limitless’. They do have some variety we must say and given their track record, they are here to rule the fall season this time around.

Keeping in mind the variety that is going to be made available by the CBS, let’s talk about what Fox is having in its kitty for this fall. Fox will try to outdo its competitors with the sleek ‘Minority Report’, does it ring any bells? Oh yeah!! That Tom Cruise movie where he could see the future, awesome right? What’s more? There are ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Bones’.

ABC is famous for delivering intense TV shows along with some really lighter ones. ‘Dr. Ken’, ‘Blood and Muppets’, ‘Blood and Oil’ will be seen illuminating our TV screen with their presence, along with the dramas ‘Wicked City’ and ‘Quantico’, which is supposed to be the American television debut of the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. Now ‘Quantico’ is gaining immense popularity in the Indian subcontinent owing to the presence of the beautiful Indian super star.

Along with these new ones, there are a lot of established shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ which will see the light of day with their renewed seasons.

This Fall, like every other is going to be awesome while there is also news of a Christmas special episode of the hit BBC drama ‘Sherlock’. But in the drama genre, the biggest of them all, ‘Game of Thrones’ will only be available for the viewers by the end of the winter next year around April/May 2016. Well, till then we have a lot to keep us busy, haven’t we?