Even Hollywood Can’t Find People To Work

Is the American film industry falling short of the writers? Yes it is, if a recent report is to be believed. But given the fact that every year, hundreds of aspiring screenwriters are heading towards the dreamland, how can it be a fact? But it still remains a fact anyhow. The causes, not known but we can say that something needs to be done to tackle the shortage.

But the other side of the coin is that, if you by accident (or intentionally) walk into a Starbucks or some coffee shop in Los Angeles, there are 9 out of 10 chances that you are going to find at least 3 or 4 people working on a laptop, and what are they doing you ask? Yes, you got it, writing a movie. More so, on some really bad mornings there are even chances that you may not even find a place to sit and enjoy a decent cup of coffee, as the place would be occupied by the young writers who are dreaming to make it big someday in the industry and even though you find it inspiring, you will end up cursing them for taking up all the space in your favourite restaurant.

But eyes can be deceiving no? If you think that all those poor souls are aspiring to be in the show business, I am sorry to say but you are wrong my friend. The wild fact is that despite encountering all these enthusiastic people, there is a shortage of young talent in the film industry and yes, we do see a lot of new names every year on the big screen, but the reality is that most of them aren’t even going past their first big project.

The economy of the United States is facing an all time low, and thus the shortage of money in all the sectors is messing with Hollywood as well. Hollywood is having quite a hard time filling jobs and thus resulting in lesser debuts each year. Tobias Levkovich was caught saying- “ Worker shortages are showing up in different sectors including home building, trucking, welding and even in Hollywood as recently the premier Hollywood informant ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ reported in an article recently that studios are having a lot of trouble finding the directors, screenwriters, producers and technicians to handle more than 400 scripted shows.”

He further added that there are so many of these shows who are facing these problems halfway into the production and further added that most of these shows are often seen fighting for the talent. A top executive from a leading TV studio said that there are not enough people on board to allow them to form a team and the said networks don’t have the patience to wait for it.

Given all these problems, we can face a slight shortage of new TV programmes or even some fresh and unique content in the movies as well, but this is one industry that fights its way through the hurdles and we can certainly assume that it will get over it quite soon.