Emily Browning is The Star of Kray’s Biopic

When it comes to the portrayal of females in the Hollywood, they are not a lot different from others in portraying them as either a damsel in distress or just an eye candy doing particularly nothing in order to take the plot forward, most of the times, but as the times are changing we have seen some solid changes in the scenario.

The latest one to grab such solid role is the Australian actress Emily Browning as she bagged the role of infamous gangster Kray Twin Reggie in the new biopic. Other than being pitted against Tom Hardy who played both the characters, the Australian beauty will be doing the job of narrating the story and will be seen acting as the moral centre for the movie. So, prepare yourself to see the whole story through her eyes as she goes through the suffering caused by the brothers.

However the 26 years old Melbourne native said over the phone that she didn’t have any idea about the character she was playing. That was only after she got the role that she started researching and was totally fascinated with the different layers of the characters. Shea married Kray in 1965 while she was just a teenager and killed herself just 2 years later. Her journey remains an enigma for large number of people and thus, remained a very fascinating mystery.

Browning took very advantage of the mystery surrounding the character and made it look more instinctive than calculative. On her research for the role, she said that there were not many sources that she could trust and she loved the fact that it gave her freedom to carry forward the role in whatever way she liked.

In the pursuit of the research, the actress went as far as acquiring the letters Frances sent to Reggie while he was doing his time in prison. And what she concluded from the letters exchange was quite interesting as Shea talked about how much she missed him and how unapologetically she was in love with him. Browning further added, “When their relationship was going south, she just tore him apart and that lead me to develop a lot of respect for her.”

However, there are many who weren’t very excited with the Browning’s portrayal of Shea, more so, her own niece spotted very recently saying that she was indeed ‘mortified’ by Browning’s performance. But mostly, Browning’s performance has been praised as we can see that she has been doing quite a lot of such roles that requires her to hover between vulnerability and bravery.