Emily Blunt Told To ‘Leave Hollywood’ By ‘Fox And Friends’ Hosts

British people may have a lot in common with the Americans, but one thing they possess differently than them (other than the sophisticated accent of course) is the sense of humour. Be it comedian Russell Brand or many other celebrities, many times we see trouble brewing owing to the obvious difference in the sense of humour. The latest celebrity held accused of showing off the great British humour is Emily Blunt, who somehow disturbed the hosts of “Fox and Friends”, and this slight misunderstanding has not been taken well by the show runners and the problems are just around the corner for the pretty lady.

Actress Emily Blunt just recently became an American citizen and she has been going on about the excitement on various different platforms for quite a time now. The instance where her loud mouth got her in trouble was the interview she had with The Hollywood Reporter where she playfully said that as she watched the GOP debate, she seriously considered whether taking the American citizenship was a huge mistake. Well, that doesn’t seem so pretty does it? Talk about the weird sense of humour eh!

The comment, however, made as a joke quite clearly, didn’t go down well with the “Fox and Friends” host Anna Cooiman. The comment is considered to be disrespectful towards the republican candidates. Anna got furious while talking about it as she advised Emily to “leave Hollywood”. Well, this doesn’t sound good. However, Anna’s comment was also quite wrong at so many levels, but that is what Hollywood is all about eh! What is there without some spice?

Kooiman didn’t seem to stop as she further stretched it by saying “let some American women take up the roles you are playing in the ‘American’ film industry because Americans have made you what you are now and they are the people who are lining up in front of the theatres to fill your pockets.” Emily remained unavailable to reply to Anna’s comments and she hasn’t even apologized for her derogatory remarks made towards the republican candidates.

The co-host Brian Kilmeade also spoke up as he remembered the remarks Blunt made when she featured on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last week in which she joked blatantly about the citizenship ceremony and having to renounce her Queen, but she didn’t really mean it- to which she replied that it was just so perfect.

Another co-host spoke up as well. Steve Doocy said that Emily made a huge mistake and she hasn’t realized it yet. She has alienated half the country and they will think twice now before going to watch any of her movies in the theatres. He meant that she has just shot herself in her face with these insensitive remarks and she will regret big time.

But, did she really mean what she said? We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is the fact that she appeared on some show dressed as the statue of liberty and sang “Yankee Doodle”.