Drones, Robots And Implants – The Future For Humans

A massive technology take over is on the way that will revolutionise our lives with robots, body implants and drones taking over many day to day tasks.

Although the predictions are science fiction for the time being, scientists and technology experts expect them to become a fact of life by 2069.

Electronics firm Samsung has compiled a report from six British experts looking forward 50 years.

They foresee 20,000 mph rockets zooming passengers around the world, cutting flight times to New York from London to just 40 minutes.

At home, living goes underground with subterranean ‘earthscrapers’ while roads go underwater as pods whisk passengers between Britain and Europe’s major cities.

Holidays in space

Meanwhile drones will take over as cars and taxis, flying passengers in special sky lanes above rivers.

Holidays will see a big change as well. Instead of jetting off to sun-soaked earthbound destinations, holidaymakers will spend their rest and recreational time in space hotels.

Medicine will make a huge leap forward, say the experts.

Printing spare parts for surgery with 3D equipment will let doctors design and implant more powerful and efficient vital organs to enhance personal performance.

Diet will change beyond belief as well to farm and harvest the planet’s abundance of insects.

Insects will become the main source of protein for humans with pods for growing them at home as the creatures become a replacement for meat.

Digital revolution

Immersive body suits will fool all our senses in to feeling the films and video games we are watching.

Report co-author Jacqueline de Rojas, President of techUK and Co-Chair of the Institute of Coding, said: “The next 50 years will bring the largest technological changes and innovations we have ever seen in our work and leisure.

“The Digital Revolution, just as the Industrial Revolution did 250 years ago, is challenging all our assumptions about how we shall lead our future lives.

“Looking ahead, we can expect to be connected to everything, and everything we do will be assisted by digital technology.”

A poll published with the report revealed the predictions Brits would most like to see come true were self-cleaning homes, health improving body implants and supersonic air travel.