Drone Cam Captures The Devastation Of Homs

The video with this article shows the absolute devastation of what was once the thriving Syrian city of Homs.

The almost silent, empty streets lined by crumbling, collapsed buildings that stretch for mile after mile.

Homs was a teeming city with more than a million people living, laughing and working together.

The video was captured by a low flying drone that cruised just above the ruined buildings, piles of rubble and the few people left.

The city was held for three years by Syrian rebels. Most of the damage is the result of non-stop shelling and bombing by the forces of President Hassad.

Tragedy of Syria

The tragedy of Syria is the terrible toll the fighting is taking on civilians, especially children.

The country north of Damascus is gradually emptying of the civilian population moving away from the fighting and in fear of reprisals from the government forces and the wrath of the terror group ISIS.

Millions have become refugees and fled for safety in rebel held areas and Turkey, which has seen a flow of human hope flood across to Greece and the safety of the European Union.

Watching the video, the arguments of European governments taking the stance that they cannot cope with the number of people seeking asylum is just not good enough.

Europe and the rest of the world have allowed tragedy upon tragedy like Homs in cities, towns and villages all over Syria.

Clinging to hope

Turning a blind eye has left to the deaths of children and refugees clinging to inadequate plastic boats in the Mediterranean Sea.

Official statistics show the Mediterranean is the deadliest stretch of water in the world as more people die sinking below the waters than anywhere else in the world.

The reason is desperate people make a desperate choice and flee from death, hunger, torture and disease into the unknown of the Mediterranean. They have two things to cling to – their woefully inadequate boats and hope of a better life.

If they manage to gain safe passage, their hope is dashed upon the shores of Europe because no one wants them and no one wants to pay to feed and house them.

This video has changed the views of many. Watch it and perhaps you will consider how you view the plight of the Syrian refugees.