Donald Trump ridiculed again by Republican rivals

As the Republican candidacy race heads into the home straight, Donald Trump and his plan to deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the USA has been savaged by his rivals in the latest live TV debate.

Both John Kasich and Jeb Bush attacked the proposal as being extremely divisive and impractical, as Trump continued on his path in which he hopes to build a massive wall between the US and Mexico and deport everyone who shouldn’t be in the States.


Although Trump is, perhaps unsurprisingly, leading in the polls, he was widely booed by the audience as he attempted to defend himself and attack other candidates at various points throughout the debate.

As well as immigration, foreign policy was also on the agenda, and there was much division on whether the US should be intervening more in the Middle East in relation to the Islamic State.

Despite Trump’s widely ridiculed approach to the debate, and his stance on immigration, which is likely to exclude him from any Hispanic support in the lead up to February, it is thought that if he is able to find a support base from the African American community – he may not need any Hispanic support anyway.

At this moment it is far too early to be able to say, but the fact that he remains in the race means that whether or not political commentators take him seriously or not, he is a very real threat.