Desperate Refugees Storm City Railway Station

Thousands of migrants escaping civil strife in the Middle East are disrupting travel in Hungary.

The migrants, mainly from Syria and Iraq, but from as far away as Pakistan and Afghanistan were stopped from boarding trains to Germany from Budapest’s main rail station.

Police and troops tried to keep order, but the migrants stormed the station and tried to board trains.

At one stage, the Hungarian government ordered only trains heading east could leave the platforms, but relented under pressure from the huge crowd and let them travel to Germany.

Migrants were banging on train windows and chanting ‘Germany, Germany’.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has ordered every migrant who wants to travel to register with immigration authorities before leaving the country.

A wave of refugees is heading towards Hungary from Greece, through Macedonia and Serbia.

Troops have erected steel fences to stop them crossing the borders undetected.

The migrants head for Hungary because the country is the first in the European Union Schengen Area. Once in Hungary, they can cross Europe without passports or travel documents as each country in the Schengen allows the free movement of people.

Political unrest

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is warning expats and visitors to Bahrain to beware of political demonstrations over the coming days.

Opposition leaders in Bahrain often call for strikes and protests against the government.

Some demonstrations turn violent and the country has witnessed a wave of terror attacks.

In the latest, one person was killed and several injured when a security patrol was attacked by an armed gang near the village of Karranah.

Border skirmishes

The FCO is also warning expats and travellers to after a spate of skirmishes and exchanges of artillery fire between the two countries.

Several people have died or been wounded in the outbreak of hostilities.

Beach dangers

Travellers to Costa Rica should take care when swimming in the sea as many beaches have dangerous unmarked currents.

The FCO warns that swimmers should take care as most beaches have no signs or lifeguards to point out the dangers of rip tides.

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