David Beckham To Appear In A Movie Alongside Harvey Keitel and Cathy Moriarty


An exciting news just recently popped up for the ardent fans of the famed former footballer David Beckham as he will be seen alongside Harvey Keitel and Cathy Moriarty in a short film. He is playing the role of a mysterious stranger in the film which is said to be made for the lifestyle brand Belstaff and produced by Liv Tylor.

The leather clad sports and style icon, Beckham is excited as having to share the screen space with the celebrated veteran actor of ‘Reservoir Dogs’, Keitel and says that he is a huge fan of his work since the early days and sharing the screen space with him is no less than a dream come true.

This is his biggest acting role yet and he can be seen smouldering in front of the camera wearing an all leather outfit, with coffee in his hand and a bike alongside him; he looks cooler than ever and his fans are fiercely excited to see the 40 year old retired footballer in a fictional world. He is trying to build an acting career at the age of 40 and given his impeccable good looks and charm and the fan base around the globe, he is somebody to look after. Are you listening Hollywood?

The promotional short film is the video for the brand Belstaff and the co-actors includes Harvey Keitel, Kathy Moriarty and Katherine Waterston. Titled Outlaws, the film belongs to the mystery genre. The mysterious persona of Beckham will do the perfect justice to the role and we can expect a bang from the actor when it comes to performance.

Beckham, for sometime now, is trying to break into the acting world as he has spoken many times about his wish to be working with some biggest Hollywood actors. He has played some parts in many films here and there such as playing himself in the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ among many others. About the promo film, he was caught saying that shooting in the desert alongside these amazing actors was a great experience for him and he learned a lot from his co-stars. He spoke of the experience as a ‘great adventure’ and said that the Mexican desert was an intense place to work in and the challenges were huge and that provided him with a lot of confidence for his further endeavours in the acting world.

Produced by Liv Tyler, the film is deemed to be a mysterious surreal ride, the kind of film David Lynch would like to make. The short film will see Beckham as a strange guy who is a stuntman and a mysterious drifter. He is haunted by the memories of an artist and pursued by a director who is crazed up for seeking revenge.

David has worked this year in the director Guy Ritchie’s ‘Man From Uncle’ remake and the director is immensely impressed by his work as he will now also be seen in the director’s next flick titled ‘Knights Of Roundtable: Arthur’.