Cryptocurrency – The Final Frontier for Star Trek’s Kirk

Star Trek’s Captain Kirk – actor William Shatner – has crossed the financial frontier to launch his own cryptocurrency.

His start-up Third Millennia is offering a blockchain solution for collectors who need to prove their ownership and authenticity of real assets.

Unsurprisingly, the first asset listed on the blockchain is an action figure of Shatner as Captain Kirk, commander of the Star Ship Enterprise in the cult TV program’s original series broadcast in 1966.

Shatner has always had an interest in cryptocurrency.

He floated the idea in his Tek Wars books and TV series from the 1990s only to put his pioneering story on the backburner until now.

Lift off for Third Millenia

Due to Shatner’s high profile and sci-fi background, several cryptocurrency entrepreneurs have tried to persuade him to back their causes without success.

Shatner felt many of the projects were too risky for him to offer a personal endorsement.

Third Millenia is launching in two phases:

  • Proving that the system works on the Ethereum blockchain which stores the asset data in an electronic wallet – for real as well as digital assets
  • Setting up an exchange system for transferring assets between collectors

Not only does Third Millenia offer a new way of authenticating collectibles and other assets, but also security safeguards as the blockchain will deter thieves who will not hold proof of ownership.

What Shatner has to say about cryptocurrency

The collectible industry is looking on with interest as the blockchain system will stop counterfeiters in their tracks.

Third Millenia works on the blockchain solution Mattereum. The system digitizes real assets with a microchip.