Clarkson being sued by Top Gear producer he bullied

The Top Gear producer that Jeremy Clarkson punched because he couldn’t get some hot food in a hotel is suing the TV presenter and the BBC for racial discrimination.

Behind closed doors on Friday, Clarkson’s legal representatives, and those of the BBC, attended a tribunal with Oisin Tymon’s legal team. The case revolves around the tirade of “verbal abuse” the notoriously difficult Clarkson offloaded on the Irish producer, before he then physically attacked him back in March.

Jeremy Clarkson was let go by the BBC following the incident, but he now looks forward to fronting a new show on Amazon Prime with his cohorts Richard Hammond and James May.


Before Clarkson decided to punch the producer in the face, he made reference to his nationality before also gong on to comment on his level of intelligence, and associating the two.

Mr Tymon initially did not want to press charges, despite having to drive himself to hospital with a swollen face and cut lip. He was then subjected to prolonged social media abuse from Clarkson’s loyal fans in the aftermath while support rallied for Clarkson, including an online petition to keep him as the presenter of Top Gear, which gained just over a million signatures.

The BBC, while stating their intention to respond to the claim, elected to make no further comment at this point.