Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Confirmed For A July 2017 Release

Director Christopher Nolan, who recently proved his worth once again with the science fiction epic “Interstellar”, is coming back with a new flick which is slated to be released on July 21, 2017.The untitled film will once again mark director’s association with the major studio Warner Bros.

Nolan’s last film was “Interstellar” which got released last year in November and received wide critical and commercial acclaim, ended up grossing around 673 million dollars worldwide. Warner Bros handled the international release of the film while Paramount pictures took care of the domestic box office. The sci-fi epic was considered a masterpiece in the lines of the cult classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” and ignited a great deal of discussion among the physicists all over the world and remained controversial for the most part. However, the controversies surrounding the content of the film worked in favour of the film and despite a relatively slow beginning, the movie ended up becoming one of the highest grosser of the previous year.

Regarding the new project, no details have been disclosed yet but it is now official that Warner Bros holds all the rights for the project and the tentative release date has also been confirmed. However careful the studio maybe in keeping the details regarding the project a secret, but the huge fanbase of Nolan across the globe is keenly awaiting the new developments on the projects and is expecting that the director will churn out something as earth- shattering as “Inception” or “Interstellar”.

The partnership between the director and Warner Bros dates back to the “Batman Trilogy” times where Warner Bros handled all three films in the highly acclaimed series- “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” along with the science fiction epic, “Inception”. The collaboration has turned out to be quite successful for both the parties as the “Batman Trilogy” ended up earning 2.45 billion dollars worldwide while “Inception” grossed over 800 million US dollars.

Nolan co-wrote the script of “Interstellar” along with his brother and frequent collaborator Jonathan Nolan. The duo will be taking the charge of writing the latest film as well. Other successful film from the Nolan brothers is “The Prestige” which was a period drama about magicians and remains one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Nolan movie till date. Now as the new movie is confirmed, fans are waiting with wide eyes what their favourite director has to offer this time around.