Chinese President Meets Tech Leaders of US

Xi Jinping, President of China, in a meeting with US technology leaders, has promised to toughen intellectual property protections, thus clearing Chinese investments

“Without reform, there will be no driving force; without opening up, there will be no progress.” Said Xi while speaking in Seattle.

Among the attendees were Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder).

The companies of US seem eager to get into massive consumer market of china.

Mr Jinping talked about the recent economic trouble of china and stated that the government was taking measures to address it. “I believe in the long run that the fundamentals of the Chinese economy are good.” He further stated.

Chinese President Xi Jinping , sat with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and many other tech leaders of the US. The conversation covered clean energy and regulation.

The main truth is that both US techs and China need each other. That is why they fear each other.  The technology-people know the source of their profits. Around a quarter of apple’s revenue is from china, whereas Amazon, after years of investing is struggling to make an impact. In china, million of manufacturing job are the result of the demands of American technology products.

Apparently, China and US are both extremely committed to expand the techno- relationship between one another. However, their different views of internet may hinder the progress speed.

As the demand of technology products is delicate, China still has a great opportunity to grow. That is why the tycoons of tech have tried their best in charming the visitor.

Mr Xi put stress on agreement reaching to making sure that continuing international trade is top priority.

The main issue is still unsolved, but US officials have said that both US and China have made a great progress in negotiation of a new trade agreement.