China-U.S Film Summit Will Take Place on Nov 5

The sixth edition of the U.S- China film summit will be taking place on Thursday, November 5 at the onetime home of the Oscars, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the L.A Music Center. Like each year, the key figures from both the industries are expected to be present at the summit to discuss some ways to collaborate more in the future. During a day of an intense panel discussion, the cinema personnel from both sides will be talking about the possibilities of how could both the industries work in a more harmonious environment, the Chinese investment in Hollywood, technological developments in the filmmaking arena, cultural and legal obligations and the market potential among other small and big issues will be discussed which will finally be followed by a grand gala dinner.

It is quite evident that Chinese box office is growing each year as some cross over films from the country have been widely acclaimed, both critically and commercially. Directors such as Yang Zhimou and Wong Kar Wai enjoys a great reputation in the Unites states and as a result of that, more Hollywood studios are looking out for ways to enhance the collaborations between the two film industries. However, many difficulties are there, such as China’s policy of allowing only a limited number of foreign films to be showcased in the theatres across China and then there is the language barrier among other things. But recently, efforts are being made from both sides in order to create a bridge between the two industries and we expect that in the near future, we will be seeing more collaboration between the two.

There will also be a ceremony where some key personnel who have dedicated their lives for the betterment of the film industry will be honoured. Director Zhang Yimou is going to be honoured at the event for lifetime achievement, Le Vision Pictures founder and CEO Zhang Zhao for his industry leadership, and the Beijing Film Academy for its role in cultivating Chinese cinema talent and the Middle Kingdom’s global growth.

Asia Society Southern California came ahead as the sponsor for the summit and the dinner in order to highlight “the deepening collaboration between Hollywood and China,” said the organization’s President and CEO Josette Sheeran. “Our honorees reflect film’s importance as a cultural, educational and Business Bridge, and Asia Society is proud to be recognizing these talents and connecting them with professionals and audiences around the world”, he added further. The statement made by the group Chairman Thomas E. McClain, an attorney at Hogan Lovells, implied the same. “It’s been a momentous year for Hollywood and China, and our U.S.-China Film Summit once again leads the way in bringing the key players together to discuss the most important issues.”, he said.

So, things are getting serious we must say. We now wait for the official announcement where we get to finally see Tony Leung and Brad Pitt in the same frame eh!