Celebrate Another ? ? For Emojis

You may have missed World Emoji Day that celebrates the tiny cartoon images we include in our text, social media and email messages.

Most of us link a few of the hundreds of emojis available into our online conversations without a care for where they come from, the culture and politics behind them and how to use them properly.

When is World Emoji Day?

If you are an emoji expert you would know that World Emoji Day is July 17.

Why? Because the Apple calendar emoji ?displays that date, which was on the icon to indicate the first iCal software for Mac computers in 2002.

Where do emojis come from?

They were created by graphic designer Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 for Japanese mobile phone users as shortcuts for sending text messages. He drew a library of 176 emojis to cover a variety of emotions and activities.

Why use emojis?

“People of all ages understand that a single emoji can say more about their emotions than text,” said Kurita.

Number of emojis?

The number of emojis has mushroomed since 199, with more than 1,600 now available.

The library list is managed by Unicode, which decides if a new icon can enter the world of emojis, but 13 different software companies tend to have their own designs for each icon.

These range from Apple, Google and Microsoft to phone makers LG, HTC and Samsung.

Most of these rival emojis are detailed on emojipaedia

Apple has celebrate World Emoji Day 2018 by revealing a host of newly designed icons

Who sends emojis?

Just about everyone. Facebook reckons 900 million messages comprise just emojis every day, while another 700 million are included in posts.

The most popular emoji is ‘face with tears of joy’ ?

Emoji URL quirk

If you include emojis in Wikipedia URLs, your search will direct to an appropriate page – for example instead of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion, try https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?

Emojis of the Year 2018

These include Emoji of the Year Thinking Face ?,also known as Chin Thumb, Throwing Shade and Thinker.

Best New Emoji was Exploding Head ?. Most Anticipated Emoji was Lacrosse Stick and Ball, while winner of the Excellence in Emoji Use Award was rapper Snoop Dogg.