Car Driver Forgot Turns Up After 20 Years Missing

A driver has been reunited with his lost car after missing the vehicle for more than 20 years.

The 76 -year-old reported the car stolen because he went to where he thought he had parked and could not find the vehicle.

In 1997, he did not realise he was several kilometres away from where he had left the car, which stayed in the same spot.

He assumed the vehicle had been stolen and reported the theft to police.

Now, a demolition crew at a factory scheduled to be cleared to make way for a new development have called the police to ask for help in finding the driver of a car blocking their way.

The driver had apparently left the car in a garage on the site in 1997 – and checks revealed it was the vehicle reported stolen in 1997.

“The car had not moved, but can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap,” said the police.

£5,000 parking fines

Recently, Fallon Jerome, a 21-year-old driver from Scotland, went to a Stone Roses concert in Manchester and could not find where she had parked.

After searching for five days and contacting the council and several car parks, she reported his car stolen.

Six months later, the vehicle was found in a car park near where she had left it near the gig.

Jerome had to pay £5,000 in parking fees to recover her car.

According to research, a third of drivers confess to losing their car after parking.

But forgetfulness is becoming a thing of the past as cars are linked to the internet.

Cars such as Mercedes, which have a Mercedes Me Bluetooth smartphone app, have a ‘find my car’ function that leads the driver back to where the vehicle is parked.

Missing car was stolen

Another driver lost more than his car after reporting the vehicle stolen after a night out in bars around Munich, Germany.

In the boot were 40,000 euros in cash and tools worth another 50,000 euros.

The car was reported stolen after a frantic search of nearby streets turned up blank – but the car was more than a mile away from where the driver thought he had parked.

But a driver in Australia had the opposite problem.

He went to drive to work only to find the car was not where he had left it.

Assuming he had parked elsewhere, he searched the neighbourhood only to realise the car really had been stolen.