Can Arsenal Win First EPL Game Against Mourinho’s Chelsea?

This season has not been so well for Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho in the English Premier League. On the other hand, Arsene Wenger’s team has displayed far from convincing performances so far. What will happen when these two sides meet on Saturday could determine the rest of the course of the season of Arsenal and Chelsea.

A win for either club could re-instate faith among the supporters and boost morale of the players, having overcome a top-four team early in the competition.

Both the teams had a shot against a top-four contender early in August, and both performed poorly against their respective rivals. Arsenal played host to Liverpool in a draw, as neither teams managed to cause much threat to the opposition. While, Chelsea had a complete disaster when they travelled to Etihad and ended up in a 3-0 thumping.

Arsenal has the upper hand?

Many of the Gunners faithful would love to believe so, and would use the Community Shield victory in support of their argument. Yes, that can be substantive, but even that victory was not such a convincing performance from Arsenal. However, that did open Wenger’s win record against Mourinho.

And, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain’s goal in the Community Shield was the first Arsenal scored against Chelsea in a long time.

Arsenal have certainly done a better job than Chelsea in the Premier League so far, managing 10 points from five fixtures compared to Chelsea’s four points that keeps them just above the relegation zone for now. Chelsea’s trouble in the defense may see some calm, as captain John Terry will command the centre-halves, but the absence of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, wingers Pedro and Willian Chelsea have big gaps to fill in.

The encounter will also see Petr Cech making a return to Stamford Bridge and may hold the key for Arsenal victory against his former club.

Champions League performance rejuvenates Chelsea

The week was also witness to the opening of Champions League football and Chelsea were the only English team to come out victorious. But, is the win sufficient to spark a comeback in the Premier League?

Either way, the tie between Arsenal and Chelsea promises to be filled with action. However, one should not forget, that both the teams are still struggling in the Premier League and huge expectations could lead to huge disappointments.