British Company Comes Up With Hydrogen Powered Battery

A British company is said to have invented the first ever Hydrogen Powered Battery for mobile devices. The company claims that these Hydrogen Powered Battery will allow users to use their phone for a massive duration of 1 week. They would not have to charge their phones even once in this duration if they use these Hydrogen powered batteries.

Though the company has not produced the batteries in bulk yet but the firm has come up with a working hydrogen battery for an iPhone 6 which is promised to last for a week of usage. The current version of the phone which they are using is just a prototype of the iPhone 6. However, the firm is thinking of launching the commercial versions as soon as possible.

Talking about the prototype, it looks are very much same as that of an iPhone 6. Although, the phone has some small vents on its back side. These small vents allow imperceptible amounts of water vapour to pass through as it is a bi-product of the hydrogen battery.

The working procedure of the battery is that it works with the help of a combo of oxygen and hydrogen in a very small fuel cell. The waste products produced from this combination are only heat and water, these also in small amounts.

There is no doubt that these hydrogen powered batteries will attract a lot of users and a lot of people will be excited to test out these hydrogen batteries. The commercial versions of these batteries are thought to be released in a couple of years. Nonetheless, we will keep you updated on this topic of hydrogen batteries and its related stuff in future. Stay tuned to Sci Clonic for more such amazing news, articles and updates. Also, do not forget to subscribe and like our Facebook page.