Brad Pitt’s Movie Shoot Upsets Locales

Hens, horses and cattle were extremely terrified as they heard the loud noise caused by guns and bombs going berserk during a movie shoot. It was producing the noise as if some actual war was going on in that place and thus terrified the public and the farm animals alike. The movie which was being shot is produced by the Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt and he is supposed to be having a lot of explosions in that one, we must say. Oh yeah!

Pitt’s production company Plan B is currently going through the intense shooting schedule for the 20s-set adventure film The Lost City of Z near Ballygally in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Supposedly directed by James Gray the movie stars Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Holland and is supposed to be telling the story of British soldier and spy Percy Fawcett (Hunnam), who in 1925 disappeared into the Brazilian jungle with his son in search of a supposedly advanced civilisation he called Z, and was never seen again.

The locals near the filming locations have share the photographs taken during the shoots to the media in which we could see heavy explosion scenes being filmed with utmost care. “It started last Monday [14 September] with bangs, gunfire and small explosions,” Jason McKillion, of Feystown Road, told the Times. “Then on Tuesday the bigger explosions started. [They] shook the house and windows and the boom echoed through the glen”, he added.

“My neighbour’s horses were in the field near the film set and they went spare, trying to jump the ditches. On Wednesday, there was another explosion and my animals went daft. The chickens were squawking and the dog was outside, barking and shaking. I went to Larne and when I came back the dog was shivering under a chair and the hens had all gone. Then I heard there had been another explosion while I was out. I was sitting outside and the chickens had just come back when there was another explosion, even louder than the last. Another neighbour’s cow and calf jumped the hedge and the cows were bellowing in fear. On Friday morning, it sounded like a war was going on, and later there was another explosion. My neighbour was feeding bulls in the field when it happened. They stampeded and knocked him and the feeding trough over.”, he said.

Jason further added that the locales in the area could be extremely supportive only if they had notified early about the shoot being this noisy. He added: “It’s totally agricultural here, totally tranquil. There’s never a sound and that makes it more disruptive as the animals aren’t used to the noise and they just went hysterical. This is supposed to be an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and tranquillity. It was madness for a week and we don’t know if filming is finished yet.”