Best Places to Get an Ice Bath in Bangkok

Bangkok is mainly a tourist destination. People throng this tourist destination for varied purposes – sightseeing, beaches, Buddhist culture, and remote working. There is another attraction now, Ice Bath in Bangkok. It is the new hot tourist sought-after in Bangkok.

You can indulge in this great physical and mental exercise under the supervision of experts in Bangkok. It makes you stronger, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.   

Today we will discuss ice baths, their benefits, and the best places to experience them in Bangkok. 

What exactly is an Ice Bath?

An ice bath, also known as cold therapy or cold water immersion, immerses the body in ice water for a limited period. The temperature of this water is around 15°C (59°F). One can perform it by standing or sitting in a bath of ice-cold water or a bucket filled with ice water. 

What are the main benefits of an ice bath?

The major benefits of an ice bath include the following:

Lesser muscle soreness

While the researchers may be divided on counting ice bath benefits, some studies suggest that athletes who immerse their bodies in cold water after exercise complain less about muscle soreness. A few studies support the claim. For example, one of the studies performed in 2011 on cyclists found that those who immersed their bodies in cold water for ten minutes encountered lesser muscle soreness.

Experts believe that cold water constricts the blood vessels. This lowers the blood flow to the area (say injury), reducing inflammation and swelling.  

Help with depression

In some people with mental health conditions, cold water swimming provides relief from conditions such as anxiety. 

Immune booster (maybe)

In a Dutch study, the subjects under observation practised deep breathing, meditation, and cold water immersion to see the impact on the Immune system. When these participants were exposed to a bacterial infection, people who performed all three experienced fewer symptoms. In addition, it was observed that they produced more anti-inflammatory responses and lesser pro-inflammatory cytokines. 

The researchers believe breathing exercises were more effective in cold water; however, they credited the latter for building stress resistance in the body. 

Quicker cooldown

There is no denying that cold water immersion can cool a body quicker than cold water. A meta-analysis by NCBI inferred that cold water cooled overheated people 2X faster than hydrotherapy.   

Ice baths are growing in popularity. Several celebrities and athletes do ice baths routinely. One of them is Lady Gaga. She swears how ice bath helps her alleviate fatigue, poor sleep, and chronic pain.

Best Places to get an Ice Bath in Bangkok

There are several places in Bangkok where you can get an ice bath; these places offer other healing facilities too.

Without much ado, let’s get started:

1. Breath Inspired

Two people bathing in an ice bath in bangkok
Ice Baths in Bangkok by Breath inspired

The number 1 place, and ultimate stop for ice baths in Bangkok, cold exposure training, and breathwork training, Breath Inspired has trained professionals to teach you the basics of an ice bath. Then, it guides you on the path of strength-building and endurance.

With them, you can experience the coldest ice bath as the water temperature is maintained at zero degrees Celsius. 

Breath Inspired is the only place that offers real ice baths in Bangkok.

Location: In central Bangkok, surrounded by a beautiful nature garden near Lumphini.

Retreats: The expert’s dedication spells all the magic at Breath Inspired. The Wim Hof Method started by Wim Hof, is only an initiator on the path of self-strength discovery. The method incorporates three things:

  • Breathing: Learn special breathing techniques with the Wim Hof method. Know how to inhale in a manner that impacts the amount of energy we release into the body cells. 
  • Cold Therapy: Reap the benefits of cold therapy to build adipose tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve immunity.
  • Commitment: Master the art of patience and dedication to be the master of your mind and body. 

Stuart Wilson is the only certified Wim Hof Method instructor in Thailand. He is also a Level 2 instructor and Oxygen Advantage and Breatheology instructor.

Accommodation. You can stay at any hotel around the workshop location. Yes, Breathing Inspired conducts workshops for the Wim Hof method, cold exposure training, and sauna and ice bath occasionally at different places. You may check the website for more details. 


Breath Inspired Events

2. Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori amalgamates ancient Japanese baths with traditional Thai massages. Get ready to experience therapeutic bathing at its best. Come and immerse yourselves in the wellness programs offered with new and old technologies. All treatments are customized to suit your requirements.  

The water isn’t ice cold, but the experience of contrast therapy is great.

Location: Proximity to Thailand’s longest street, Sukhumvit. Urbanites will find the place serene and relaxing for their stressed bodies and souls. 

Retreats: The Yunomori Onsen & Spa focuses on healing techniques to unleash healing. 

  • Onsen: Detoxify your bodies with the healing water from the thermal springs of Wat Wangkanai. The mineral content of the sacred waters cleanses your skin, prepping it for other treatments.
  • Massage: Couple the bathing benefits with Thai massages and let your muscles feel as relaxed as the body. Say goodbye to pains and aches in tendons and injuries (if incurred ever). Let your inner glow gleam your soul.
  • Cold bath: At Yunomori, freshen yourselves with a cold bath. The water temperature is 17 to 19 degrees Celsius. Dip yourself and allow your mind and muscles to relax. 

Accommodation: Sukhumvit is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood with plenty of hotels available at all price ranges. Even better, it is connected well with public commutation services.


3. Sindhorn Wellness By Resense

Sindhorn Wellness By Resense
Sindhorn Wellness By Resense

Sindhorn Wellness By Resense is nestled in Sindhorn Village. Since its existence has had wellness of all at its heart; fitness and Wellness Memberships, Boutique Fitness, and Spa as the star attractions offering various personalized plans to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. Their team of experts is readily available at every step to help you walk the course of rejuvenation.

There isn’t an ice bath to enjoy here, but the cold room and cold bucket is a welcomed treat after the sauna.

Location: Sindhorn is nestled in the lush green expansion of Lumpini Park. From here, you have easy access to multiple embassies situated nearby. Moreover, you can reach Sidhorn with readily available conveyance services.o

Retreats: Tourists throng Sindhorn for wellness and relaxation. Yoga, swimming, and spa, are all included.

  • Yoga: Irrespective of your skill level, you are welcome to participate in the classes imparted by experts. Join other seekers in the lush green environs to find your peace of mind.
  • Swimming: Situated outdoors, this place is a getaway from the scorching heat of Bangkok city. Once you finish the plunge, enjoy the city view from a comfy lounge and relax.
  • Wellness Spa: Connect with your inner self with some private space in the spa. At the same time, the experts in therapies and advanced therapies help you recharge.
  • Cold Room: Allow your muscles to relax in the cold room, or you may try a cold bucket dip on yourselves.

Accommodation: Sindhorn Wellness By Resense has a range of rooms, from premier residences to grand deluxe and executive rooms. You may choose to stay at Sindhorn or at any nearby location and access the services as a guest.


4. Panpuri wellness onsen

Panpuri wellness onsen
Panpuri wellness onsen

Panpuri is not your regular spa. It is an organic spa centre with beautiful surroundings. Whether you are looking for an intimate bath or detox for face and body, Panpuri has plenty on its platter to feel healthy and relaxed. Visit this place to indulge your senses in luxurious healing treatments.

Location: Visiting Panpuri promises to alter your life for the better. Move to the 11th floor of the Park Hyatt Bangkok. Here is your 472 sq m Panpuri Organic Spa and Wellness Center. Choose your wellness service.

Retreats: You may choose wellness massages, enhancers, and facial treatments. 

  • Massages: Get personalized messages to suit your physical condition. Be it preventing sports injuries, tissue tears, or just a holistic approach. With aromatherapy, Thai massage, and acupressure techniques, you are in for deep massage therapy that promises to open your clogged energy pathways. 
  • Facial Treatment: A skin-lifting facial ensures a delay in the ageing signs. An eye-lifting treatment with 99.9% natural and organic origin ingredients is also available.
  • Onsen. Revitalize your mind and body with an age-old Japanese bathing technique. While the onsen body scrubs remove the superficial dead skin, the mineral waters of the Onsen deeply nourish your skin. 
  • Cold Pool: At Panpuri, you may further heal your body and enhance anti-ageing benefits at the cold pool with a water temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. 

Accommodation: You get a range of hotels to stay near the Panpuri Wellness Onsen, Bangkok. 


5. Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34 

Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34
Novotel Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit 34

Novotel suites are in the heart of the busiest roads of Sukhumvit. While staying at this beautiful hotel, you can soak your senses in various facilities and leave the stresses of urban life behind. 

Location: You don’t have to travel too far from the city. It is in a residential area yet offers serenity at its peak.

Retreats: Select from the three top healing techniques offered – onsen bath, cold water dip, or steam.

  • Cold plunge in the Onsen: Try your hands at this Japanese bathing form that relieves pains and aches and heals your mind deeply. The water temperature here is only 14 degrees Celsius.
  • Steam: Move to a private room and let the steam remove all your toxins. This detoxification has far-reaching benefits.

Accommodation: You can choose to stay at the Novotel Hotel or any other hotel on Sukhumvit road. Novotel has a range of rooms and suites for the guests with all the modern amenities. 


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