Bad Boys 3 Without Will Smith; Fans Disappointed

Will Smith won’t star in the upcoming “Bad Boys” but he is not planning to let go of off the series, as he is preparing himself to be the producer of the films. Comedian and actor Martin Lawrence also confirms film is currently in the works and his co-star star may not appear in the series again. “Bad Boys 3” is set to release on February 17, 2017.

As of now, fans were counting on seeing Will Smith in the movie but the studio confirmed that he will be involved in producer capacity. Fans are hoping Bad Boys 3 and 4 will maintain the insanity of the predecessor. After all, Bad Boys 2 proved to be successful as director Michael Bay went bonkers and took the movie on the wild ride. He has huge fan following and they are hoping to see some crazy actions from his movies, so all eyes are set to Bad Boys now. Michael bay has to come out with some special brand of action for these sequels.

In 2003, Bad Boys 2 made huge success on the screen and the film made $273 million globally, the reviews of the movies were not so kind but it had something to worth watch it. It had something which derived the audience to be a part of it and it proved so strong for them. As the first instalment of the series, “Bad Boys1” was not a huge success, but the second movie suppressed all the low-action movie drama and emerged as the most maniac action oriented movie ever made. The way Bay created those chase scenes, it made the movie look epic, and even he used his own personal Ferrari 550 Maranello as a stunt car in the movie.

Hopefully Bad Boys 3 and 4 will maintain what Bad Boys 2 had created for the series but Will Smith gone for one of the leading role in the movie. The director has already started his search to fill the spot with some most equally likely personality. It will be better for the team to join someone like Dwayne Johnson better known as ‘The Rock’as he can be worth filling the skin for someone like Will Smith.

Anyway, Sony is sticking with the February 17th as the release date, so it’s better to mark your calendar and we’ll be hearing more about the status of the movie soon, so stay tuned to see what happens next.