Apple Launches Blisteringly Fast IOS 12

Standby to launch the touch paper for a faster and smoother iPhone experience as Apple gets ready to launch IOS 12.

The software will become available later this year for iPhones back to the iPhone 5S and iPad Air 2.

The upgrade also comes with some new tools and revamped versions of some old favourites.

IOS 12 was announced at WWDC 2018, the annual conference for Apple developers and the venue of previous product and software innovation reveals by the company.

Apple has banked on speed as the main factor of IOS12.

Listened to complaints

After years of complaints about slow apps, Apple has finally listened to consumers and gone for broke to make IOS 12 lightning fast.

Apple reckons an iPhone 6S running IOS 12 will load apps 40% faster, open the keyboard 50% quicker and bring up the camera 70% faster than the same phone running IOS 11.

And the upgrade will not come at the expense of battery time thanks to CPU modifications.

The first beta version is out later in June 2018, but don’t bank on every feature working or a blisteringly fast environment until early adapters have given their feedback.

Other changes include apps to help users spend less time on their smartphones.

One app will report weekly with the time users have spent looking at the phone and time on each app.

Some privacy concerns are address with the report detailing where these apps have sent data as well.

Do not disturb app

A new app will let users set time limits for usage, including a snooze-type alarm when the deadline is approaching.

A more effective do-not-disturb app will stop pesky calls and messages when someone does not want to receive them – especially at night.

Then there’s the stuff Apple wants you to use but you probably don’t want.

Siri is given a smarter upgrade that allows a set of actions to follow a command, like ‘Siri, let’s go home’ will open maps and switch on the thermostat at home.

Some new Animoji’s are added – including a ghost, tiger and T Rex.

Version two of the augmented reality toolkit is out and FaceTime will have an update that allows up to 32 people to join a conversation at any one time.