Apple Campus 2 by Drone

It’s no secret that Apple are in eth process of building their new spaceship, but we didn’t get a true feeling for just how big it was until this drone footage emerged of the construction work a few days ago.

Duncan Sinfield used a DJI Inspire 1 drone to capture this 4k footage high above the spaceship construction early in the morning, and when you see the epic proportions we ar talking about (it measures 2.8 million square foot), you start to wonder what they are going to be doing in this new HQ. It’s the size of 58 football pitches, and double the size of the Pentagon.

Set off resplendently with the music of Kygo, the “most incredible collaborative space that’s been created,” as senior Vice-president Phil Schiller called it, certainly looks epic thus far as the main outer shell nears completion. The design kind of resembles a coliseum, but with collaboration being cited as the key to Apple’s ongoing success, it’s unlikely there will be any gladiator battles within the campus.

Scheduled for completion in 2017, the project began in 2012 and although the cost of this huge project is unknown, it is not likely to worry a company that has more in cash reserves than any other company in the world – $205.7 billion to be precise.