Android Updates Are No Longer Just Desserts

Google will be serving up just desserts for Android users – but not with the familiar pudding names that have become so popular.

Flagged as Android Q, but released as Android 10, the latest software update for smart phones and other gadgets has been released.

Google Pixel phone owners can download the update now, while other manufacturers are making the software available on a rolling basis worldwide.

The full Android 10 update is available for the Essential Phone worldwide and the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro in China and India. OnePlus has released Android 10 for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro in ‘open beta’.

Full versions should be on the way for other phones soon, although Samsung is not updating for some months.

Improved gestures

Like most updates, Google is making Android 10 available without a charge.

The company says any apps should continue working without any issue as they have already received updates to make them compatible with the new operating system.

So what can users expect from the update?

Gesture navigations is much improved and is like the system used on Apple phones.

A thin gesture bar at the bottom of the screen allows swiping up to go home, up and hold shows recent apps; swiping left or right on the bar switches between last-used apps. The back button is replaced by a swipe from the left or right of the lower screen.

Parental controls

Google has added a dark mode, which many makers have already implemented.

Parental controls are upgraded to allow mums and dads to monitor usage and set limits for children – especially shutting off the phone at bed time.

Other upgrades include:

  • A huge collection of new emojis covering disabilities and gender issues
  • Focus mode to quieten distracting apps that demand attention
  • Better access to Google Play security updates
  • More privacy by controlling access apps may have to smartphone data
  • More smart replies expanded to include most messaging apps
  • More control over notifications and the way they interact with users

When will Android 10 come to your phone?