Amazon Now Accepting Fire Tablet Pre-Orders

Amazon recently announced the launch of its inexpensive 7-inch tablet called Fire Tablet, which only costs $50. It comes with storage of 8 GB, built-in WiFi and .3 GHz quad-core processor. Amazon is so confident about the tablet, that they have offered it in a six-pack; buy five and get the sixth one free.

Amazon is not in the list of top 5 tablets vendors anymore. In Q4 2014, Amazon was among the world’s top tablet providing companies. There has been a great downfall in the sales of tablets over the first half of year and this is when Amazon was dropped off the list of top 5 tablet vendors of world.

The tablet sales at Amazon is expected to rise now as the Fire Tablet from the latter, that costs $49.99, is available for people to pre-order. It is going to be shipped on 30 September. The strategy is termed as killer and ruthless because it can kill the sales of other android vendors. Samsung, the top vendor of tablets worldwide will be at a no win situation while competing with Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet.

Now it is anticipated that Lenovo, LG and Huawei will have to match the price of Amazon Fire Tablet or they will have no choice but just to face the merciless pricing strategy of Amazon too. There is no denying the fact that the price of Fire Tablet is quite low, but the fact that it is capable of running 3D mobile games covers the whole thing. The fact also proves that the quad-core processor with advanced GPU they are using, is of good quality. Amazon also claims that its Fire Tablet is more durable than Apple’s iPad Air 2.

Keeping in mind the number of pre-orders placed, the sale of $50 Fire Tablet should now be expanded to the developing economies like China, India and Philippines.