Ajna Light – A Dazzling Spiritual Discovery

Ajna light is a new spiritual technique helping people find inner peace away from the stresses and strains of modern life.

According to the creator Guy Harriman, thousands of people are benefitting from the effects of ajna light, which aids meditation and healing.

“The flicker effect changes the way your mind works,” he said. “Your brain is always running at different frequencies, and the light allows you to easily shift from one to the other.

“One of the most interesting is that the light can take you out of a stressed state into deep meditation or a highly visual state.”

What is ajna light?

Ajna light is an oscillating lamp that is a tool to help trigger meditation and extraordinary experiences.

The light stimulates the mind to allow individuals to move between altered states of consciousness.

Is ajna light a new therapy?

No. Advocates say ajna light is an old technique dating back thousands of years to early civilisations such as the Egyptians which was rediscovered only recently

Can anyone meditate with ajna light?

Yes. Ajna light is a tool that helps individuals unlock pathways in their minds through the pineal gland, or third eye. The light aids meditation and mind-expanding transcendental experiences, such as astral projection and other out of body episodes.

Who uses ajna light?

The light is a tool that accelerates altered states for Buddhists, shamans and meditation masters.

Why don’t more people know about ajna light?

Modern society has strait-jacketed the emotions and f many into ignoring the rhythms and frequencies of their minds and bodies. Once reactivated by ajna light, they can harness the technique as a tool for meditation

How do I get an ajna light?

Buy online together with software and hardware to manage the experience for around $3,000. The light is computer-controlled and can be connected to a wi-fi network.

Is ajna light suitable for everyone?

No. Anyone with a medical or psychological disorder should consult a doctor before using the light, as should anyone suffering from epilepsy or seizure disorders

Who is behind ajna light?

Healer and yogi Guy Harriman invented the modern ajna light. Harriman also has a background in electronic engineering. He has lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for many years, where he runs a chi gong and yoga practice.