Access Alexa From Any Windows 10 Device

Just say the magic word Alexa and you can access the Amazon assistant hands free from any device running Windows 10.

The latest Windows version of the upgrades the previous version which only allowed Alexa to respond if a push-to-speak button was pressed.

Now, the app runs in the background or minimised and will answer to the cue word.

If you don’t want Alexa to listen in, the app still has the push-to-talk option for the wakeup call.

Windows 10 users should find the app automatically updates.

Microsoft and Alexa seem to be getting into bed together, probably because Microsoft cannot compete with Amazon and their other voice-assistant rival Google.

Alexa romances Microsoft

The Seattle computer giant has collaborated on Alexa for Xbox One, while Microsoft’s Cortana can respond through Alexa.

Running Alexa through a Windows 10 device means just one Echo gadget is needed to control a smart home – and instructions can be passed to Alexa while using a Windows 10 device remotely.

And the cost…the Windows 10 app is free.

“With Alexa on your PC you can simplify your life and use your voice to get more done. Just ask Alexa to check your calendar, create lists, play music, answer questions, read the news and more, even when the app is running in the background or minimized,” says Microsoft.

“Alexa on your PC makes it easy to control your smart home from anywhere just by using your voice. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Alexa is designed to make your life easier.”

Google merges with Nest

Meanwhile, in a bid to stay in the market, Google has redesigned the Home Hub and rebranded the device the Nest Hub Max.

Besides a hardware revamp offering a larger 10-inch screen and better sound quality with a bigger speaker, the new hub allows remote security access to users via  built-in Nest streaming camera.

The new hub aims to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show with a comparative price point of around $230 retail.

The new device marks the merging of the Nest and Google brands for a range of smart products and services, including surveillance devices, routers and even Google’s Chromecast.